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Coaches, Consultants AND AGENCIES

Let’s help you connect to your target audience.
Gain quality leads that convert to sales calls without any ad spend. Generate a minimum of 30 leads in 90 days or we work with you for free until the delivered outcome.

Scale to well over 6 figures within 12 months or less on auto pilot with our one-of-a-kind system.Generate leads with ease of mind with our ‘DONE FOR YOU’ process.

Growth has always been the intent. You have a service that will change lives. You know this, you just need your target to know this too.

This is where we excel. Helping coaches, consultants and agencies like you get out there in front of potential clients who will be reaching for their wallets saying “YES this is exactly what I need. Sign me up now!”

No one is offering what we are.

Is your business struggling to fill in the white space on your calendar with qualified prospects? What is missing is a lead generation strategy that is specific to you. Studies have shown that when coaches and consultants implement a proven lead building process this generates 133% more revenue!

So how is this accomplished?
Here’s how:

  • LinkedIn automation with copy structured to hook the “right” client with outbound campaigns that are specific to your needs.

  • A.I. powered video campaigns aimed at super high engagement all with automated setup. It’s as easy as possible. We are doing what no one else is with video personalization using your voice without having to tape these yourself.

  • Appointment setters will generate leads through organic and telemarketing channels.

  • Feel secure with our goal for you to generate 30 high-quality leads converted to sales calls in less than 90 days or we will work with you for free until you achieve this.

  • Reddit automation campaigns.

  • We provide copywriters to write your offer.

  • Ongoing support and monitoring.

  • Our team will optimize your LinkedIn profile for the best results.

Why Us?

We want you to invest in your business for the best chance at extreme financial growth. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. It’s not worth doing unless you’ve pulled out all the stops giving your business a fighting chance.

At Ace Your Business Academy we do what others haven’t tapped into yet. A combination of personalized Linkedin automation that is all done for you by crafting your offer, taking care of the copy, customized video campaign powered by A.I. aimed to convert your target to loyal clients, and support to turn your lookers into buyers. We are always improving, always adding new technology to drive results for our clients.

High-quality high ticket leads without a huge investment don’t have to be a pipe dream. We’ve done what others haven’t been able to offer.

And that Guarantee …. but of course!
You will generate 30 high quality leads turned to sales calls in less than 90 days or we work with you for free until we deliver those results.

Are you who we’re looking for?

  • If you are a high ticket coach, consultant, agency, B2B service or working with any type of professional, you qualify.

  • You must have sold your offer at least once.

  • Must have Calendly link and Sales Navigation subscription set up for LinkedIn.

  • You are a high-ticket coach or consultant or agency with a proven offer of a minimum of $5,000.

  • You do not have a lead generation system or your lead system isn’t working or enough and you are looking for a lower-cost alternative to paid ads.

Getting the “RIGHT” customers front and center of your amazing offer is our main goal. Reach a wide market and your business prospects are limitless.

My name is David Owasi and I’m the founder of Ace Your Business Academy. I’ve spent a great part of my life in the business world helping coaches, consultants, and agencies generate more leads and sales to build their revenue. My team and I have built a tried and tested system that combines cutting-edge technology and frameworks to generate qualified leads at scale without any ad spend.

David Owasi - Founder of Ace Your Business Academy

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What can you expect in this process?

  • Desired outcome of $20k to over $100k more revenue per month.

  • Minimal effort on your part. We only need onboarding documents filled out, explaining your offer, ideal clients etc…We’ll handle the rest

  • Optimization experts fine-tuning your profile, copy and strategy to the highest level.

  • Time between the start of the engagement and when you start seeing results is less than 30 days.

When you set out on the path of your business journey, you saw a picture of freedom and accomplishment.
Are we right? This can still happen if you take action.

Let’s address any doubts you may have on a call. We will discuss how we can bring you high quality leads with our proven system and get to important things like smiling at your filled schedule.
No more frustration with networking, relying on word of mouth and ads as the only way of lead generation.
Start seeing ROI in the first 30 days.